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CNC MachiningPlastic Prototype CNC Machining

Plastic prototype CNC machining We are specialized in CNC machining of plastic prototypes. Starting from full material we are able to make almost any part or assembly at high precision.

  • Wall thickness of 1 mm possible
  • Tolerances of 0.1 mm to 0.05mm
  • Materials : PC, ABS, PA66, POM and special requests
  • Size : from 10 x 10mm up to 600 x 600mm

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AdvantageWhy Plastic CNC machining ?

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Machined plastic prototypes have some advantages compared to other rapid prototyping techniques :

  • More accurate, tighter tolerances
  • Stronger parts, functional
  • Larger parts out of 1 piece
  • Mostly cheaper than 3D printing
  • Some plastics can be polished
  • Easy to produce small series

Extra ServicesMore than Prototyping

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Besides machining of plastic prototypes we offer supporting services for you plastic products :

  • 3D CAD Design of plastic parts (Europe)
  • Manufacturing of small series 10 - 100 parts
  • 3D scanning of products
  • Low cost injection moulds